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March 1, 2014

Sustainable Resource and Process Management in the Chemicals and Agribusiness Sectors (CEI Region) – 2014

In the framework of the assignment FGL Energy was responsible for the following activities:

1. Technical Assistance for Investigation on Energy/Resource Efficiency Improvements to the Agriculture Farming Equipment Sector in Ukraine and Russia (2014)
  • Investigating typical specific fuel consumption (litres/hour operation) of existing agriculture tractors in Ukraine;
  • Investigating crop harvesting efficiency: % of crop lost during harvesting in Ukraine;
  • Investigating waste recovery, focusing on the existence of crop harvesting tractors equipped with biomass recovery in Ukraine;
  • Investigating average use and lifetime (years) of tractors in Ukraine (and in Russia, if possible to find data), also in relation with their typical maintenance conditions;
  • Investigating spare parts: time for supply of spare parts from local suppliers with respect to international suppliers in Ukraine;
  • Investigating coverage of the region of tractors service centres from international suppliers vs local suppliers in Ukraine;
  • Providing data on the market share in Ukraine, possibly in terms of number of tractors sold per year, of the following suppliers, plus a short description of their activities in the relevant countries: MTZ (Minsk) Claas, EKO, CNH, Rostelmass, John Deere, AGCO, SAME Deutz-Fahr, Tractor Plans(Machinery & Industrial Group NV), Kirovskij Zavod, Kharkov Zavod.
2. Technical Assistance for Investigation Screening at Terrafood (2013)
  • Supporting in audit of activities at the plant;
  • Reviewing the data and calculations prepared by the Principal on Terrafood plant;
  • Processing the main findings of the visit at the plant.
3. Technical Assistance for Resources Audit at Ukrgrafit and Soap Boiler (2013)
  • Supporting in audit of activities at the two plants;
  • Preparing a short description of main findings on Ukrgrafit and of main identified resource efficiency measures to be proposed;
  • Confirming and reviewing the resources balance prepared on Ukrgrafit;
  • Preparing calculations of about resource efficiency measures;
  • Preparing the text for Ukrgrafit description, including description of the process and utilities of the plant and expected future production evolution.
4. Technical Assistance for Industrial Sectors Screening in Ukraine on behalf of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (2012)
  • Providing data to prepare a report on Sector Review at Country level, focused on some key subsectors (Milk, Breweries and Vegetal Oil regarding Agribusiness, Urea, NPK and Chlorine Compounds for Inorganic Chemicals);
  • Providing an overview of technologies in place, type of products, raw materials usage and supply, giving an idea (qualitative judgment) of potential of improvement that could take place;
  • Preparing a significant presentation of the sectors at Country level for what concern raw materials utilisation, energy sources, technologies in place, products;
  • Preparing the Company Fact Sheets presenting the most representative and large Companies in each above-mentioned sub-sectors.

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